How Much?

How much? or what are your prices? either one of these questions is always the first question asked, and yes i am guilty of the same questions, these questions are not the ideal questions to ask first though. Let me explain why there is another question we should ask first. When we ask HOW MUCH is xxx we automatically base our decision on the cost of that product, why do l think this is not the best question to ask? firstly what are you getting for the dollars you are potentially going to spend. What value for your dollar are you actually getting?.

Take O’Connor Car Detailing for example, the car wash down the road might offer a wash and interior clean for $60, you take your car there you go inside sit down have a coffee wait 20 minutes and your car is done. What did you just pay for though? you paid for a quick wash a vacuum and a quick wipe down of the interior with cheap products that make everything shiny. O’Connor Car Detailing offer a wash and interior clean for $100, for this service you drop your car off we spend 2hrs not 20 minutes to wash your car properly and vacuum the interior then use a blower to get in to all those hard to reach places where food, grime and rubbish seem to magically accumulate, we then agitate the carpet and mats to help lift more dirt out and then re vacuum the entire car before moving on to cleaning all the plastics with a steam clean and compressed air followed by a quality wax to help keep clean and protected to a natural new look. Whilst you may ask how much and the cheap wash down the road advertises $60 and O’Connor Car Detailing says $100, based on the dollar amount alone you will most likely choose the cheaper option but is it really the cheap price you want from a clean? or would you prefer to make a decision based on the level of work and time put in to cleaning your vehicle so you feel it was worth every dollar you spent, this to me is an informed decision based on the dollar value not just the comparison of dollar to dollar value. You may still decide the cheaper option is best for you but at least by asking the RIGHT questions you have made an informed decision for the 2 services that are on offer.

Published by O'Connor Car Detailing

We don't just detail cars, if it has wheels or floats we can detail it, we are specialists when it comes to all your detailing needs. We have the time you don't, to meticulously clean your investment to look like new again. We only use some of the best products on the market to ensure you get the best possible result. Whether you are considering a ceramic coating or a wax we will spend the time with you and advise what would suit you best, we listen to you to provide the information you need to make the right decision.

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