Interior Clean

When it comes to interior cleans O’Connor Car Detailing are interior specialists, anyone can use a vacuum and a cloth to wipe over your interior, Unfortunately just doing this will not remove any bacteria, germs, viruses or mould within you cars interior. Whilst this will remove some bacteria from the surfaces you can wipe over it won’t kill everything as you cannot reach all those nukes and crannies, Our goal is to eliminate all these problems with our full interior clean. This is an extensive multi stage clean which includes multiple steps of vacuuming, a machine with a brush is used to agitate the carpet and mats freeing more deep down dirt, once this is achieved we blow out any food that gets lost within the car, another vacuum is performed before a deep clean shampoo to really get deep in to the carpet and mats killing any mites and lifting out more dirt and grime.

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Once we are satisfied with this stage of cleaning, we then use steam to penetrate in to the carpet and mats, from here we will clean all the hard plastic surfaces including all those areas that just a wipe cannot reach ( note steam runs at a high temperature and pressure that kills bacteria, viruses, germs and mould ) once this is completed seats are then steam cleaned ( if seats are leather they are cleaned with a leather cleaner and hydrated to prevent drying out and cracking from the sun). We then use a wax to protect all plastic surfaces and help keep them clean, this leaves a natural look unlike other products that make the plastic look shiny and greasy. Our interior clean is great for anyone who may suffer from allergies or anyone that wants their cars interior to look, feel, smell fresh and free of all those nasty’s that build up over time.

Cost starting from $237

Published by O'Connor Car Detailing

We don't just detail cars, if it has wheels or floats we can detail it, we are specialists when it comes to all your detailing needs. We have the time you don't, to meticulously clean your investment to look like new again. We only use some of the best products on the market to ensure you get the best possible result. Whether you are considering a ceramic coating or a wax we will spend the time with you and advise what would suit you best, we listen to you to provide the information you need to make the right decision.

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