Melbourne in lockdown

It’s been over 5 weeks now in stage 4 lockdown for Melbourne, it’s one of the toughest times I have ever seen and experienced in my life. As nearly all businesses are forced to shut their doors, those businesses allowed to stay open are still finding it tough as well. There’s no doubt that a number of businesses will close their doors never to re open again, it has also forced a lot of businesses to re think their strategy to keep moving forward, we are fortunate enough to have that opportunity to choose to move forward, and it’s with this opportunity we decided we would take this time to improve our services and customer experience starting with re vamping our workshop. It’s always been our vision from the day we opened to provide the best possible experience for our customers/clients when it comes to looking after and enhancing your vehicle. Our new detailing bay is the best detailing bay on the Mornington Peninsula. With a purpose built detailing bay and climate controlled workshop environment we can ensure every vehicle we do will will be of the highest standards to ensure the best possible results for you. If you are needing/ looking to have your vehicle looking and feeling it’s best we can help you achieve those goals.

Our vision is to provide the best service and experience for you

Published by O'Connor Car Detailing

We don't just detail cars, if it has wheels or floats we can detail it, we are specialists when it comes to all your detailing needs. We have the time you don't, to meticulously clean your investment to look like new again. We only use some of the best products on the market to ensure you get the best possible result. Whether you are considering a ceramic coating or a wax we will spend the time with you and advise what would suit you best, we listen to you to provide the information you need to make the right decision.

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