Ceramic Coat

  • What is a ceramic coat? A ceramic coat is a layer of silica dioxide, which is a hard like glass polymer applied to the paint, adding a barrier between your paint and the harsh elements that will cause damage, such as bird droppings, sap from trees, sun damage, chemicals and road grime. Ceramic coatings have high hydrophobic and cleaning properties meaning they will help with the ease of washing your car and keeping it cleaner longer. Due to the hardness of the coating fine scratches and swirls are greatly reduced leaving your car looking like new, it also adds more depth and clarity to your paint with extra gloss and shine. Ceramic coatings when maintained will last yrs not weeks or months like waxes and sealants. We only use some of the best ceramic coatings available ensuring your car gets the best protection it deserves, your cars paint is prepared prior to applying the ceramic coat which includes a wash, full decontamination and paint enhancement process, it’s then wiped down thoroughly to ensure the paint is clean and ready for the ceramic coating application.
  • Total time 1 day/overnight
  • Price: Starting from $1,400
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