The Executive Clean

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This is a great detail to add extra shine to your car.

Starting with the Core Clean your car is then treated to a polish and wax (with the extra option of a claybar prior to polishing) giving it added shine and protection from all the elements including bird droppings which can etch in to the paint and permanently damage if left for a long period. Our high quality waxes from Angelwax will protect your cars paint for 3-5 months depending on the wax chosen and where the car is left ( if you choose the longer lasting wax an extra cost is involved). After the outside of your car has been looked after we then focus on the interior clean which includes a pre-vacuum followed by a blow out of all those hard to reach area’s then another vacuum before a deep clean shampoo is carried out on carpet and mats, cloths seats if stained are also deep cleaned as required, if the car is fitted with leather seats we will clean them with a leather cleaner from our Angelwax range then hydrate the leather to prevent it from drying out and cracking. All hard surfaces and cloth seats are then steam cleaned, and hard surfaces are wiped down then protected with a wax to help preserve the plastic and keep everything clean. All Windows are cleaned inside and out and a tyre dressing is applied finishing off the package.


Price: Starting from $320

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